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about the food truck association


We're your destination for everything you need to make your food-truck business a success!

Our Food Truck Association serves the state of West Virginia, offering important resources and access to help you navigate the food truck industry, plus a central online website where customers can find and visit your food truck.

The benefits of joining the Food Truck Association. 

Join our Food Truck Association and gain access to a network of amazing food truck owners, regional festivals and events, and promotional coverage by being listed on our website - all the tools needed to help your food truck succeed!


Your Food Truck will be listed on the Association website, showcasing your truck, cuisine, and social media links.


Your Food Truck will be included in our Regional Food Trucks map so the public and see where your Food Truck is in real time. 


You will have access to regional fairs, festivals, and events so you can plan where to set up your truck and connect with other Food Trucks.  


You will have access to connect with the Bluefield Economic Development Authority (BEDA)'s business resources as well as their CREATE Resource partners. 


Becoming a member of the Food Truck Association is 100% free.

What you'll gain as a member of the Food Truck Association

Need help starting your own food truck? 

The West Virginia BEDA currently has an opportunity to help you start your food truck. 

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